Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Upcoming Electronic Shows at LPR

Here's what's coming up at LPR in electronic.


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From Pitchfork’s review of the Holy Ghost! track “I Will Come Back":

New York-bred duo Holy Ghost! have a knack for picking and choosing among regional flavors to arrive at something fresh. On "I Will Come Back", their new single for the Mountain Dew-affiliated Green Label Sound, Chicago house rubs shoulders with trendy Italo-disco footnotes, both held hostage by Human League-cribbing vocal constructions and a chorus that glances at late-70s Philly soul.

Holy Ghost’s debut album will be out on DFA in the near future, but in the meantime head over here to download the track “I Will Come Back,” along with a few remixes.

Holy Ghost! will play their first NYC headlining show at LPR on June 24th. Also on the bill are Neon Indian, Stretch Armstrong, Jacques Renault, and Justin Miller, all of whom will be doing DJ sets. Click here to get tickets.


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Morten Qvenild and Susanna Karolina Wallumroed, the two artists who make up Susanna & The Magical Orchestra, bring to the group a variety of influences from their other projects. Morten Qvenild has worked with groups ranging from indie instrumentalists Jaga Jazzist to more aggro progsters Shining, while on her own Wallumroed has released two intimate singer-songwriter albums. Together they produce jazz-tinged, retro-centric electronica, and are known by many for their covers of songs such as Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart” and Dolly Parton’s “Jolene.” Check out video of them performing “Subdivisions,” a track off of their latest album 3, below.

Click here to get tickets for their show on June 29th.


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Influenced by a broad range of artists such as Animal Collective and Os Mutantes, El Guincho relies heavily on samples from a wide variety of genres including Afrobeat, dub, Tropicália, and rock. Following his acclaimed debut Alegranza! El Guincho, will release Piratas de Sudamérica EP on July 13th, on which he rearranges various South American standards and lost classics. You can listen to the whole thing over here.

Click here to get tickets to his show at LPR on July 7th.

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