Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Upcoming World Electronica Shows at LPR

Here's what's coming up at LPR in world electronica.

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Influenced by a broad range of artists such as Animal Collective and Os Mutantes, El Guincho relies heavily on samples from a wide variety of genres including Afrobeat, dub, Tropicália, and rock. Following his acclaimed debut Alegranza! El Guincho, will release Piratas de Sudamérica EP on July 13th, on which he rearranges various South American standards and lost classics. You can listen to the whole thing over here.

Click here to get tickets to his show at LPR on July 7th.

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Through mixing modern technology and live instrumentation, Beats Antique’s music combines the sounds of the Middle East and orchestral gypsy music with the styles of hip-hop, brass band, downtempo, glitch and dubstep. Check out a video of them performing at Lightning in a Bottle and TempleSF 2008 below.

Click here to get tickets to their performance on July 15th.

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It is entirely possible that an amplified, slightly distorted likembe creates the most awesome sound on earth. There's no other sound quite like it, and there's no other band like Konono No. 1, the assemblage of Bazombo musicians, dancers, and singers from Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire) that makes the likembe the center of their sound. It's something of an accidental update on Bazombo trance music, and it's thrillingly unique stuff, a torrent of kinetic sound that straddles the line between the traditional and the avant-garde. –Joe Tangari, Pitchfork

Konono No. 1 was formed over 25 years ago by likembe (thumb piano) virtuoso Mingiedi, but recently gained international attention with their 2005 release Congotronics. While traditional at its core, their use of makeshift electronics and amplification come together to produce music that is compared to everything from from Can and Krautrock to Jimi Hendrix, Lee Perry and proto-techno. Check out their video for "Lufuala Ndonga," a track off of Congotronics, below.

Click here to get tickets to their performance on July 18th.

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