Monday, July 20, 2009

"Fire Excape" by Diane Birch Named One of the 18 Must-Have Songs of 2009

Diane Birch's (@LPR on August 18) "Fire Escape" was named one of the 18 Must-Have Songs of 2009 (So Far) by the New York Post. Of Birch the Post says:

"Diane makes my brain hurt. Her too perfect to be real talent and charisma are the things that robots are made of, yet somehow she makes it all seem achingly vulnerable and real. "Fire Escape" consists of melodies that soften the heart and a story that recalls that best of Elton John. If Diane doesn't become a huge music force, I may have to ask the world to meet me at the flagpole at recess for a huge pummeling."

Listen to the other 17 Must-Have Songs, here.

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