Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just Announced: Akiko Yano w/ Marc Ribot


In late 2006, a letter was sent to T Bone Burnett, who later won the Grammy Award for the best album of the year 2008, Robert Plant and Allison Krauss's "Raising Sand" . The letter was from Akiko Yano who had been a huge admirer of T Bone. She asked him if he would produce an album for her.

It was over 30 years ago when T Bone Burnett received a vinyl disc of "Japanese Girl", Akiko's first album. Inspired, he tried to contact Akiko but he could not reach her at that time. After 30 years, his wish became a realty. Thus the project took off in LA in September 2007. T Bone Burnett brought the same cast of muscians who contributed to create "Raising Sand" including Marc Ribot (guitars).

Akiko has found a great joy of playing the music with Marc Ribot. She is always amazed by his profound understanding of music behind the original sound of his guitar and exhilarating energy, which gives another different dimension to her music.

Marc joined Akiko’s Japan tour last year and Akiko will bring him to Japan again in the end of this year.

The concert at Le Poisson Rouge will be their first NYC show they play together.

Akiko Yano’s latest album “akiko” was recorded in 2007 in LA and its original Japanese version was release in 2008 only in Japan. As Akiko loved the album so much she wanted to make it available worldwide, she decided to launch her own label “TABI” for her international release. Now the English version of “akiko” is available online worldwide.

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