Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just Announced: Amue


An original exploration of music and art... Amue formed in mid 2008, over half a year this group took shape and growth through the filtering of new members. This five piece band based out of southern California is fronted by Douglas Tejera on vocals, Tino Balenegro on guitar, Lyle Tilo Reust on guitar, Jeffery Ford on bass and Matt Lafferty at drums. All combine to create what is Amue. All is put into their music, for a pure experience of your taking... through their views and life's experiences. They have now released two E.P.’s, “Alone you would lie” in early 2009. Along with, “Some will come, Some will go” in mid 2009. Both co produced and engineered by Justin Powell. Amue is due to record their debut full length, in October of 09. Nothing shy of brining to you all of the music they can, performing is at the peak of Amue’s agenda. Unity with its fans, and strangers... connecting with you is what Amue strives to do. Music is a beautiful thing, a diverse thing. Same that all walks of life are... and each person is. They have performed all scales, many in store Hot Topic’s, to Festivals, to venues such as the House of Blues. Expect to see Amue in a city near you, rounding up their debut “Pacific Tour” things are aligned for more tours, through out the United States, as well as Canada. Continue to stay in tune, and in close relation with Amue... for much shall occur as we all walk our steps through life.

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