Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just Announced: East Coast Tribal: A Bold Expression of Modern Feminine


East Coast Tribal is a movement discipline, a dance-style, and a perspective: grounded in Bellydance, with influences of Hip hop, Modern Dance, and Martial Arts. Showcased in the 2006 release of the instructional Bellydance DVD, East Coast Tribal, produced by World Dance New York, this dance style is given it's name through performances by Solstice Dance Ensemble, led by director Sera Solstice, and the instruction offered at Solstice Studio in New York City. Musical collaborations are a distinctive element of East Coast Tribal, with artists of Sub Swara, Freek Factory, Kode 9, and Chronomad. East Coast Tribal performances are fully choreographed, and are approached as a language form. Dancers are asked to continuously search for new ways to reflect their world, both outside and inside, through highly choreographed performance. Movements are typically bold, aggressive, expansive, contrasting with pop'n lock elements.

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