Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just Announced: A Hawk and A Hacksaw w/ Damon & Naomi


A Hawk and A Hacksaw - a rooster, a gaggle of geese, bits of tin, two rivers (one in france, one in new mexico), a violinist who began playing at age three, a small cat who has three little kittens, an assortment of gongs, wooden percussive implements, and portable drums, the occasional jazz musician, or tuba player, an oud master, three accordions, a romanian brass band, 4 hungarian cosmopolitans and a stroh violin. There are three records, and an ep including The Way The Wind Blows [Explicit] and Délivrance.

A HAWK AND A HACKSAW: I am not a gambling man from Home is Wherever You Are on Vimeo.

Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang's music career started with modest goals but grew to incorporate one of the most influential bands of the 80s (Galaxie 500), a string of duo albums on Sub Pop records thoughout the 90s, collaborations with some of the most adventurous rock musicians playing today (Ghost, Michio Kurihara, nmperign, Wayne Rogers), and most recently, the formation of their own record label (20/20/20) and subsequent release of their two latest Damon & Naomi albums, "The Earth Is Blue" and "Within These Walls".

In addition to their work as musicians, Damon & Naomi are the founders of Exact Change, a publishing house dedicated to avant-garde literature and artists' writings. As individual artists, Damon writes (and teaches) poetry and music criticism, and Naomi is a visual artist (photography and painting) and graphic designer.

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