Monday, July 20, 2009

Just Announced: Painted on Water


Naming their band and the album after the traditional Turkish marbled-paper art known as Ebru, created by floating dyes on the surface of water, PAINTED ON WATER demonstrates the shifting, tangible and intangible qualities of music, emotion and art. The duo’s upcoming American appearances promise to be rich. The album’s all-encompassing concept has already been mightily refreshing to long-time followers, says Erener. “We’ve performed twice as Painted On Water for the Turkish audience. They felt this familiar melody, but couldn’t put their finger on the song right away, because of the English lyric.” There’s a feeling of renewal in this new collaboration of longtime partners, adds Demirkan. “Previously, I was Sertab’s songwriter and producer. We set our pop and rock background aside, and this is the first result – not Sertab, or Demir, but a new band.”

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