Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jolie Holland on Daytrotter

Love might kill Jolie Holland (@LPR on Sept. 18). At least that's how Sean Moeller over at Daytrotter feels about the folk singer. "Holland is a hypochondriac with very specific particulars attached to her mania," Moeller writes. "As a lyricist, she's almost positive that love is going to kill her. She's sure that either the good or the horrific aspects of love are going to stop her heart from pumping and her breathing to slow, choking her down into an immobile lump of bones and organs, from which there's no returning."

Let's hope that none of that happens before her performance at LPR in September.

(p.s. There are also some songs on Daytrotter, so click on that link above...or here.)

(p.p.s. Doesn't it kind of look like she's reading this post?)

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