Thursday, August 6, 2009

Just Added: Reni Lane and Curtana Veil to Amue Show


Reni Lane and Curtana Veil have been added to the Amue show on August 21.

Reni Lane
The best kind of song is familiar and illuminating all at once, and if you’re lucky, its creator is too. Such is the case with Reni Lane, the 21-year-old whose edgy beauty belies her geekier side. A campus figure at Columbia University, this classically trained artist extraordinaire is ready to turn heads in the music scene - while finishing her homework first.

Curtana Veil
The Curtana Veil is a band, a story, an idea that represents the importance of not forgetting where you come from and the experiences that lead you to become who you are. Original band members Ryan Kanterman (Guitar and Vocals) and David Kaplan (Bass and Vocals) live with the "every step taken is another lesson learned" mentality and translate daily events into musical and lyrical imagery that you can only find in extraordinary and unforgettable dreams. Rather than listening to the words being sung, you feel them being told to you like a story that sends chills down your spine and through your body. Each song is a tale within itself, composed with an arsenal of metaphors that derive from an imagination that is unmistakably out of the ordinary.


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