Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just Announced: Air Waves and JacksonKnife


Air Waves
Nicole first found solace in her guitar, composing escapist songs with fantastical stories and catchy choruses. Having since teamed up with Dave Ferraro and Ryan Trott, Nicole is a stage veteran. In 2006 they took on the name Air Waves. She has played with many well-known musicians such as Cat Power, Cass McCombs, the Rapture and more. A medley of folk, rock and country, Nicole serves up imagery with such unforgettable melodies that you will catch yourself, hours later, singing about.

Formed in late 2006, as the brain child of Jeremy Kirkland, they have since transformed from a small two member outfit in to a full fledged band of writers and performers. Tom Roslak of Encrypt Manuscript, Brian Harney of The 85’s, and Evan Johnson joined with Noah Stitelman of Soft & Slick and Jeremy to be part of one band that spoke to each members unique motivations and influences.

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