Monday, August 10, 2009

Just Announced: Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey and The Moodswing Orchestra


Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey
JFJO is pianist Brian Haas, drummer Josh Raymer, upright bassist Matt Hayes, and guitarist Chris Combs. To say that JFJO's music transcends boundaries and expands minds is an understatement. Since 1994, JFJO has brought their impressionistic and improvisational vision from the Midwest's Bible-Belt to many of the world's finest music festivals and clubs. Music listeners are blown away by JFJO's instrumental creativity, musical risk, and near telepathy on stage. In the past 18 months, JFJO has travelled to Europe four times and have played at major jazz festivals all over the world.

Perowsky's latest creation is a collaboration with a large selection of artists he has been working with recently. This combination of songsters and improvisors gives a unique blend of n.y.c.'s finest cream of the crop players, under the direction and manipulation of their - normally kicking out the beats - friend at the drums.


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