Monday, August 17, 2009

Pitchfork Reviews Mount Eerie's "Wind Poem"

So, is Phil Elverum's latest black metal or not? Last week we learned here that Elverum doesn't think so, but he understands why people are saying that. Matthew Solarski, writing for Pitchfork, weighed in on the discussion saying, "Poem has been touted as Elverum's "black metal" album, and Phil has made no secret of his relatively newfound affinity for Xasthur and other lynchpins of the unholy genre. Yet apart from opener "Wind's Dark Poem", a slice of bona fide hellfire, any outside influence here feels wholly absorbed into the fabric of what is every bit a Mount Eerie concoction."

Read what else Solarski had to say about "Wind Poem" here.

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