Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just announced: Loren Stillman and Bad Touch on September 28th


Saxophonist and composer Loren Stillman was born in 1980 in London England. Inspired by his uncle, saxophonist Mike Stillman, he began playing at age 7. Raised in Croton-on-Hudson, Stillman had easy access to New York City’s jazz scene where his early teachers included Ted Nash, Dick Oatts and Dave Liebman.

Stillman’s influences range from saxophonists Lee Konitz and Wayne Shorter to composers Frank Zappa and Bela Bartok. He also draws inspiration from traditional music from around the world, and makes compositional reference to “stream of consciousness writing,” expressed by the teachings of composer Ludmila Uhlela.

His most recent release It Could Be Anything, (October 2005, Fresh Sound Records), received critical acclaim from the New York Times, and artist features on WKCR, Weekend America and LIU Radio programming.

Bad Touch is a new music collective made up of alto saxophonist Loren Stillman, guitarist Nate Radley, organist Gary Versace and drummer Ted Poor. Originally formed under the highly unique, yet controversial name The Loren Stillman Quartet or The Loren Stillman Organ Project, Stillman relinquished control in 2007 when his band mates staged an uprising and voiced their interest in having a cooperative leadership role in the foursome.

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