Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Village Voice on The Glenn Branca Ensemble

The Village Voice has a feature up on Glenn Branca where he talks about his new album, his long and varied musical career, and how he met his wife by selling her cyberpunk novels, among other things.

Branca has been getting it on since he cemented himself as a Soho staple in the late-'70s, artist-deluged, shithole-era downtown scene: feuding with the East Village No Wavers, schooling fellow guitar-orchestra guru Rhys Chatham, and ultimately subverting both conventional tunings and rock's whole aesthetic with his 1981 classical-music-damaged, histrionic-rock masterpiece, The Ascension. It remains Branca's most popular album, one that profusely bled yesteryear New York's glossy lights and cruddy squalor—a combo original Ascension guitarist Lee Ranaldo undoubtedly took back to the Sonic Youth camp and built a 30-year career (and counting) template on.

Read the whole thing here.

The Glenn Branca Ensemble performs at LPR on February 27th. Get tickets here.

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lucille calmel said...

> slap in the brain, swirling around the column, strong sexual tension, high electric spreads, heavy bass tribal rhythm, mental and auditory hallucinations _ "The rise - the sequel" (1drummer+4guitarists+1bassist & him stormy orchestrating), full physiological tempest, dark sound orgasms, chills, outbursts, metamorphosis (closed eyes, undertow body left, applauds and shouts to shut) ___