Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Independent Film Week

Just a heads up for any filmmakers out there, IFP is looking for filmmakers to participate in IFP’s Independent Film Week Project Forum. More information from their website:

Independent Film Week is the oldest and largest forum in the U.S. for the discovery of new projects in development and new voices on the independent film scene. The Project Forum is a meetings-driven forum connecting filmmakers who have new narrative and documentary projects with key industry executives interested in identifying projects with which to become involved at the financing or distribution stage.

It is qualitatively and quantitatively the best opportunity for an independent filmmaker to connect with industry professionals - including producers, funders, distributors, broadcasters, sales agents and festival programmers. The Project Forum also furthers filmmaker and industry interaction with opportunities for networking at social events throughout the week.

This year's Independent Film Week will take place September 19th-24th. Learn more about how you can participate here.

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