Friday, April 9, 2010

Listen: Sean Hayes, "Garden"

Sean Hayes is one of those talented artists who fly under the radar for years without getting the attention his music deserves. And yet, flying under the radar seemingly suits the style of this folk artist who has the style of a classic troubadour as well as an innovative approach that characterizes his independent spirit. Hayes produces all of his own music and does not belong to a record label. His latest release is “Run Wolves Run.” Hayes really seems to have fun on this album, as many of the songs are bold, sensual, and while one could say they are simple, their lack of pretension makes this album accessible, honest and well-crafted.

Preview "Garden," a track off of Sean Hayes' upcoming album Run Wolves Run, below.

Sean Hayes-Garden by jeannette386

Sean Hayes performs at LPR on April 20th. Get tickets here.

Via: Project Rhythm Seed

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