Thursday, April 22, 2010

New York Times on the MATA Festival

The New York Times on Matthew Wright's MATA-commissoned installation in The Gallery:

Mr. Wright’s installation, which is alternating with other new electronic pieces in the bar area through Thursday night, is largely self-sustaining, with audience members using computer track pads installed on the bar to modify the sounds being produced. But for 40 minutes on Monday Mr. Wright took control of his gear for a duet with Evan Parker, a prodigious English improviser, whose chirrups and flurries on soprano saxophone neatly meshed with the swirls and flutters of Mr. Wright’s turntable.

Read the rest here.

Tonight is the last night of the MATA Festival, and Argento Chamber Ensemble will be performing a free show! Doors are at 6:45pm. Come on by!

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