Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Akron/Family Starts Fan Video Page


Indie-folk oddities Akron/Family have started a Vimeo page where they are going to be collecting fan videos (which are more than plentiful and generally inconsequential for all bands with a fan base that understands how to upload a video).

The page is pulling together fan videos for tracks from their Set Em Wild, Set Em Free. They are asking fans to continue creating videos and submitting them to grow the project. Proposed ideas from the band include: "A bear attacking a trash can. A quarterback being blitzed repeatedly. A herd of buffalo stampeding across the Dakotas." There are a surprising amount of competent videos on there already.

1 - Everyone is Guilty (video by Oliver Mains) from Akron Family on Vimeo.

The Akron Extended Family will be performing in New York at (le) Poisson Rouge as a part of the Vision Festival on June 30.

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