Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Interview with Nathaniel Rateliff

Paste Magazine recently sat down with Nathaniel Rateliff before he set out on Daytrotter's Barnstormers tour. On growing up in a family of musicians:

Paste: Did you play together as kids?

Rateliff: We did. We would play church shows and stuff. My mom was the worship leader at the church, and my dad sang and played multiple wind instruments, and my sister would sing and play piano. I bought a guitar for me and my childhood best friend—I bought him a guitar with some money I had made from cutting grass. I had to be probably 11. I saved my money and bought him a guitar because he wanted one but he was a poor kid, too. It was like fifty bucks or something, and I thought we were gonna start a rock band and wind up being real cool. I was never real cool. And the guitar I bought then, I never really played because my mom set me up with lessons and I didn’t really want to learn how to play “Mary Had A Little Lamb” on the guitar. So I kept playing the drums, playing along to Led Zeppelin and Nevermind and played to the radio. When my dad passed away I had a little more interest in guitar. My mom had a Martin 12-string that was just layin’ around, and I asked her to teach me a couple chords and she taught me three, and my best friend taught me a few more, and I just started writing.

Read the rest, in which Nathaniel talks about gardening, collecting doors, and potentially recording a R&B record, here.

Nathaniel Rateliff performs at LPR on June 2nd. Get tickets here.

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