Friday, May 28, 2010

Interview with Nels Cline

Nels Cline might be best know as the guitarist who replaced Leroy Bach in Wilco, but he has been playing with artists such as Mike Watt and Thurston Moore, as well as pursuing his own solo projects, for decades. He recently sat down with Prefix Magazine to talk about his latest album, Initiate, his reputation, and Hadron Colliders, among many other things. On how playing with Wilco has informed his solo work:

In some ways it has made me think a bit more about "songs," though [Nels Cline] Singers pieces like "Slipped Away" or "Watch Over Us" are pre-Wilco and really influenced by my love of Low. Other pieces show Sonic Youth influence. But playing Wilco songs has perhaps sharpened my song awareness, as well as pushing me to try new things, like dobro, in my own music.

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The Nels Cline Singers are playing two shows at LPR on July 6th. You can get tickets for the early show here, and the late show here!

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