Friday, May 7, 2010

Jeff Mangum played LPR last night, and everyone is writing about it.

A little round-up of the love for last night's Chris Knox benefit:
New York Times: "To say that Mr. Mangum stole the show would be an absurd understatement."
Washington Post: "Maybe the best part of his performance wasn't even the fact that he sounded sublime or played a greatest hits set. It's that he seemed so perfectly normal. Stay away for as long as he has and you gain a reputation as an eccentric, a nutjob, someone afraid to perform. That wasn't the case on Friday. Maybe it was because he was helping his friend Knox, maybe it was some other reason. But for 20 minutes Magnum was just a guy on stage, playing some truly great songs. There was nothing mysterious about it. He managed to kill some mystique and build some legacy. A mighty fine trade off."
Brooklyn Vegan:"gasps, tears and unending applause."
Pitchfork posted some videos
It was something to see. You might actually want to skip all this if you missed the show, because it'll just make you bummed that you weren't there...

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