Friday, May 14, 2010

Listen: Stereo Total, "Baby Ouh"

The French-German duo Stereo Total will be releasing their 11th album, Baby Ouh! on May 4th. From their label, Kill Rock Stars:

By now introducing Stereo Total maybe unnecessary. The German/French Duo have been playing underground electropop songs since the mid-90s - and that not just in a French accent, but also in several languages...Now comes their newest record. The name: Baby Ouh!. The look: "hysterical glamour". The sound: playful, experimental. The Lyrics: R'n'R': Romantic and Rebellious. Stereo Total recorded a total of 40 songs for this album. So as not to strain your nerves too far, only 17 will appear on the album. Also included are a few cover versions of Stereo Total's idols (e.g. Brigitte Fontaine from France and Pedro Almodóvar from Spain).

Download: Stereo Total, "Baby Ouh"

Stereo Total perform at LPR on August 25th. Get tickets here.

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