Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Upcoming Experimental Shows at LPR

Here's what's coming up at LPR in experimental.

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Although Braxton exhibited a genuine — if highly idiosyncratic — ability to play older forms (influenced especially by saxophonists Warne Marsh, John Coltrane, Paul Desmond, and Eric Dolphy), he was never really accepted by the jazz establishment, due to his manifest infatuation with the practices of such non-jazz artists as John Cage and Karlheinz Stockhausen. Many of the mainstream's most popular musicians (Wynton Marsalis among them) insisted that Braxton's music was not jazz at all. Whatever one calls it, however, there is no questioning the originality of his vision; Anthony Braxton created music of enormous sophistication and passion that was unlike anything else that had come before it. –Chris Kelsey

Anthony Braxton 12+1tet will play at LPR on June 18th in celebration of his 65th Birthday. Check out a video of them performing below.

Anthony Braxton 12(+1)tet from Jason Guthartz on Vimeo.

Click here to get tickets to the show.

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Over the course of his career, the highly influential avant-garde guitarist Glenn Branca has composed 13 symphonies (including one for 100 guitars) and has worked with the likes of Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo, and Rhys Chatham, among many others. For his performance on June 19th at LPR, he’ll be improvising on his harmonics guitar, which is a two-bodied guitar connected by a single neck. How does that even work? Check out the video of him playing it with Paranoid Critical Revolution below!

Click here to get tickets for his show with Paranoid Critical Revolution and a full screening of the film "135 GRAND ST. 1979" by Ericka Beckman.


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Timetable Percussion is a percussion trio that specializes in music that crosses boundaries of style and discipline, often focusing on new and experimental pieces. At their June 20th show at LPR they will be joined by award winning contemporary classical pianist Yejin Gil. Check out the video of Timetable Percussion performing Bernhard Lang’s “Monadologie IV” at LPR below.

Click here to get tickets to the show.

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Marc Ponthus is among the few promoters and interpreters of avant-garde piano music. He specializes in complex contemporary music for the piano, particularly in the piano repertoire of the Darmstadt School from the 1950s and 1960s. At his performance at LPR on June 21st, he will play some of his unpublished works under the name Outis. All of these works are in a different state of revision and/or transformation. Check out a trailer for his release of Pierre Boulez’s “Deuxième Sonate” below.

Click here to get tickets for the show, which will feature guest artists Nadav Lev, Tim McCarthy, Kate Sheeran, Tom Verchot and Roger Verdi.

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