Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Upcoming Post-Rock Shows at LPR

Here's what's coming up at LPR in post-rock.

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Recording under the name Matmos, M.C. Schmidt and Drew Daniel have always been known for their unique choices for sound sources, which over their career has included, among other things, amplified crayfish nerve tissue, human hair, plastic surgery, frozen steam thawing in the sun, latex clothing, and a steel guitar recorded in a sewer. They recently teamed up with the percussion quartet So Percussion, who they will also be performing with at LPR on June 9th, to record Treasure State, which will be released on June 13th. In the meantime you can download “Treasure,” the quasi-title track from the album, over here!

Click here to get tickets for their June 9th show.

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Formed in Chicago in 1990, Tortoise is often considered one of the most influential post-rock bands of the last two decades. Unlike many of their indie-rock contemporaries in the mid-‘90s, they favored Krautrock, dub, jazz, and minimalism over more traditional rock and punk influences. Also notable was their choice of instrumentation, which often included two bassists and three percussionists switching between drums, vibraphones, and marimbas. They released Beacons of Ancestorship, their first album in five years, in June of 2009. Check out the music video for “Prepare Your Coffin,” one of the tracks off of that album, below.

Click here to get tickets for their show on June 23rd with Aethereal Bace and DJ Nick Hook.

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"Akron/Family's hushed left field pastoralism invite comparison with the loose US scene of folk-derived weirdness ... Immaculately interwoven electronics and the care with which each beautifully recorded track unfolds recall Chicago post-rock ..." (The Wire, 2005).

is a folk-influenced experimental rock band. Their records feature everything from field recordings and static to guitars and glockenspiel, while their live performances rely heavily on improvisation and three-part harmonies. At their performance at LPR as a part of Vision Festival XV, they will be joined on stage by jazz musicians William Parker and Hamid Drake. Get a better idea of what their live show is like by checking out the below video of them performing “Everyone is Guilty” at last year’s SXSW.

Click here to get tickets for their June 30th performance with William Parker's Southern Satellites and [the] slowest runner [in all the world].

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On Fillmore
is duo comprised of upright bassist Darin Gray and drummer Glenn Kotche who create compositions using field recordings in addition to their respective instruments. While their commitments to other projects (Jim O'Rourke, Wilco, and solo work) have limited their time to record together, they have still released four albums and scored several films since forming in 2000. Pitchfork on their latest album, Extended Vacation:

These seven interwoven pieces delight: Accessible but not pedestrian, complex but not esoteric, Extended Vacation feels improvised in spirit, but, in both structure and sound, it reveals two focused, imaginative composers and performers. The melodies and the warped sounds-- a vibraphone blurred into an organ, animal samples sculpted into a symphony, xylophone lines fashioned into music box tunes-- make Extended Vacation the most instantly likable On Fillmore album yet.

Check out their video for “Master Moon” below

"Master Moon" by On Fillmore from Secretly Jag on Vimeo.

Click here to get tickets for their July 15th performance with Rachel Grimes.

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