Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Konono No. 1 at LPR

Hailing from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Konono No. 1's bright and distinctly tribal sounds seemed fit for a sunny day at Prospect Park. However, Konono's show the following night at the more intimate (le) Poisson Rouge was a much better fit... At (le) Poisson Rouge the band was obviously playing to it's faithful who danced in sync with the bands steady rhythm. From the back of the room you could see the audience as a whole bobbing up and down. Certainly Konono No. 1's lengthy jams aren't fit for radio culture but there's too much fun in this sound for someone not to popularize the "thumb piano" dance at some point.

Head over to Huffington Post to read the rest and see some photos from Konono No. 1's Prospect Park show.

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