Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Upcoming Indie Rock Shows at LPR

Here's what's coming up at LPR in Indie Rock.


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Think sundrenched, think sentimental, and—yes—think subtle. On Real Estate’s eponymous debut album, fittingly released by buzz label Woodsist last week, the songs are in no rush. The hooks are there—and enough “uh oh” choruses to have you singing along—but they take their time. –Nylon Magazine

Check out The Drone’s feature on Real Estate below.

Click here to get tickets to their show with Kurt Vile (with band) and Big Troubles on July 9th.


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Singer-Songwriter David Karsten Daniels and nine-piece post-jazz band Fight The Big Bull recently collaborated on an album based on the poetry of Henry David Thoreau.

...Daniels, White and the band mixed and matched sounds to the point where genre became irrelevant. Their twangy ballads segue to polyphonic New Orleans jazz ("Though All the Fates"), songs that build from a beautiful chorale to roots-rock and then an improv jam filled with woody percussion ("October Airs" and "On Fields"), slow burns where a single mantra builds, achingly, over the course of eight minutes ("Each Summer Sound"). There are rock beats, swirling flute, "Penny Lane" trumpet, atonal free-jazz solos, jump cuts which explode into colors — all of which serve well-constructed pop songs ("The Funeral Bell," "Die and Be Buried" and so on).

You can stream the whole album right now over at NPR.

Click here to get tickets for the David Karsten Daniels performance with Fight the Big Bull on July 12th.

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On Fillmore
is duo comprised of upright bassist Darin Gray and drummer Glenn Kotche who create compositions using field recordings in addition to their respective instruments. While their commitments to other projects (Jim O'Rourke, Wilco, and solo work) have limited their time to record together, they have still released four albums and scored several films since forming in 2000. Pitchfork on their latest album, Extended Vacation:

These seven interwoven pieces delight: Accessible but not pedestrian, complex but not esoteric, Extended Vacation feels improvised in spirit, but, in both structure and sound, it reveals two focused, imaginative composers and performers. The melodies and the warped sounds-- a vibraphone blurred into an organ, animal samples sculpted into a symphony, xylophone lines fashioned into music box tunes-- make Extended Vacation the most instantly likable On Fillmore album yet.

Check out their video for “Master Moon” below

"Master Moon" by On Fillmore from Secretly Jag on Vimeo.

Click here to get tickets for their July 15th performance with Rachel Grimes.


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The Postelles channel Joe Jackson and Elvis Costello and – more recently – the Arctic Monkeys and the Strokes, building songs from brief guitar stabs and sounding like the wound-up early hours of what will be a long Saturday night on the town. There are elements of both mod and post-punk, but The Postelles have a sneering attitude all their own… –Rolling Stone

Watch the music video for “White Night” below.

The Postelles will join David Dondero, William Ocean (2009 U.S. Air Guitar Champion), and John and Molly Knefel as guests on Radio Happy Hour on July 17th. Click here to get tickets.

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