Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tonight at LPR: William Brittelle's "Television Landscape" performed by ACME

Tonight, ACME will be performing along side NYC based composer, William Brittelle, performing select works from his most recent release "Television Landscape", presented by New Amsterdam Records.

"Television Landscape", which was released this past July, is a multi-genre concept album from Brittelle, complete with hints of classic, jazz and rock themes. After sustaining a vocal chord injury years ago, Brittelle will be singing with the aid of vocalist, Virginia Warnkin. From an interview with the NY Times, Brittelle stated:

I wish this was as simple as boy has voice, boy loses voice, boy gets voice back. What it feels more like is being an athlete in your prime and tearing an A.C.L., coming back and resigning yourself to not being able to move as quick as you used to be or jump as high. But you learn how to use your teammates better, you learn what you can and can’t do, and you just have more perspective.

To read more from the NY Times article entitled Agonized Return to a Voice and a Vision, click here.

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