Monday, September 27, 2010

Check out this article on Holy Fuck's perforance last week @ LPR!

Brooklyn-based Twin Shadow takes the stage first at Le Poisson Rouge Saturday night (9/18), where George Lewis, Jr., mastermind behind Twin Shadow, seems to already have a following. Playing songs off their first album Forget, Twin Shadow seems to have found the portal to the 80's, taking the smoothest beats and synth riffs and totally reinventing the wheel for the here and now, while letting obvious 80's influences shine through. Lewis's vocal style is low and nonchalant but on certain choruses and words, the texture goes way up, almost bordering on screamo, and returns to melodic utterances almost as quickly as it once rose. Someone in the audience shouts for an encore, but they'll just have to wait until Twin Shadow headlines their own show. Twin Shadow is now on tour with Jamie Lidell.

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