Thursday, September 9, 2010

Check out the upcoming events in the GALLERY @ LPR!

Upcoming events in the Gallery...

Le Bingo(Every Saturday @ LPR)
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Who knew Bingo could be so much kooky fun? Every Saturday, Le Poisson Rouge welcomes NYC's favorite wisecracking Bingo duo—ladylike LINDA SIMPSON and goodtime guy MURRAY HILL—as they give away a treasure trove of prizes, from discount-store delights to a cash jackpot!

As players compete (in the club’s cozy Gallery Bar), they can enjoy a full bar and food menu, including Happy Hour prices from 6:30–7:30pm and drink specials determined by spinning the “Wheel of Chance.” (Don’t worry if you get tipsy—Bingo is the world’s easiest game!)

Adding to the fun are all sorts of special games (Good Neighbor, speed rounds, etc.) and a dazzling array of colorful spokesmodels, such as feisty drag starlet Violet Temper and burlesque babe Lil’ Miss Lixx.

FREE Admission! Bingo cards are $2 each. Check out Le Bingo! This Saturday (9/11), for more information, click here!


Rock Your Face Rouge! Sunday Night Karaoke w/ DJ Rick Alert
(Every Sunday)
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Come join us for some embarrassing yet fun times in the Gallery on Sunday nights. There is free well vodka 10PM-11PM to anyone who signs up for karaoke within that hour. $5 beer, wine and well the rest of the night.
Come sing with us this Sunday(9/12) For more information, click here!


Blonde Redhead Listening Party for "Penny Sparkle"

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This event will feature full playback of Blonde Redhead's new album, "Penny Sparkle"

Penny Sparkle was recorded in New York & Stockholm, with Van Rivers and the Subliminal Kid getting production credits.

Here is a quote from lead singer Kazu Mazino about the record:
“I can’t say what Penny Sparkle is about just yet. I remember talking to Ed (from 4AD) one day and telling him that I had a vision that I was traveling to far away places to complete it. Then I landed in snowy slippery Stockholm….. and here. I fell in love with the music like falling for someone you’ve known for a long time. It was dreamy and sometimes was very stormy. At times I felt like a shepherd who was trying to herd five stallions into a yard (unsuccessfully). I felt like I was a link to everyone. I remained still and the others were constantly moving around it. I am not sure what Penny Sparkle is but I hope I offered to them as much as they offered me. I know that we have never made a record this way and if I could go back in time, I would do it exactly the same way again.”
Come listen to Blonde Redhead's "Penny Sparkle" with us on Tuesday, September 14th! For more information, please visit.


The Greatest 3-Minute Guilt Stories Ever presented by:
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 is happy to announce the second installation of new reading series, The Yiderati: a reading series dedicated to showcasing the work of a new generation of Jewish writers, and writers with Jewish stories. This month, Jewcy returns with The Greatest 3-Minute Guilt Stories Ever, to take place September 15th at Le Poisson Rouge.

Just three days before we atone for our sins, Jewcy will ask the burning question: does anyone do guilt quite as well as Jews? Sure, you could say Catholics, and maybe you'd be right, but we think Jewish guilt is something different, something...special. And on September 15th, at Le Poisson Rouge in New York City, we've enlisted some very special guests to prove it to you.

Check out The Greatest 3-Minute Guilt Stories Ever Wednesday, September 15th @ LPR. For more information, click here!

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