Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Listen/Watch: Mice Parade's "In Between Times" on Stereogum

Mice Parade, the project (and anagram) of Adam Pierce, is back with its eight full-length in over ten years of existence. For this LP, What It Means To Be Left-Handed (out next week via Pierce’s FatCat label), the crew includes a number of guests and cameos; on the bright and mood-spanning, guitar/mandolin/percussion meshed “In Between Times” it’s most notably vocalist Caroline Lufkin at the fore, with a distinctive take and style that gives the song even more dimension. The video tries to depict the expanse — here’s director Meredith Godreau on her clip:

It took many tries to get the feel right because the song has many textures and moods and is fairly long. The end result is a combination of stop-motion and digital video … You come home to unwind and your mind begins to wander into a dizzying fantasy land. Here, you contemplate your downtimes versus your busy times – your mental ‘ice storms’ – and feel the lightness of being alive.

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