Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Check out this Cameron Carpentor Review in NYTimes !

Mr. Carpenter, a brilliant maverick on the instrument, has been enthusiastically rebelling against what he sees as staid tradition, stirring up one of the more conservative facets of the classical music world with his innovative transcriptions and flamboyant stage presence.

His preference for portable digital organs instead of conventional pipe organs allows him to play in spaces like Le Poisson Rouge. But Mr. Carpenter broke from his own tradition on Tuesday by performing on the piano as well, something he has “been terrified” to do in public, he said from the stage, despite long experience in tackling unruly organs in concert.

...to read more of the article "A Maverick Conjures Up Some Favorite Madmen" by Vivien Schweitzer from the NY Times, click here!

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