Friday, October 1, 2010

A Place to Bury Strangers added to Chapterhouse show, hear what they have to say about it on Self-titled Mag!

(Photo Credit: Andrew Parks)

A Place To Bury Strangers were recently added to Chapterhouse’s reunion show at (Le) Poisson Rouge next Monday, so with that in mind, we asked the band’s amp-frying frontman (Oliver Ackermann) to give us a guide to five of his favorite Chapterhouse jams. It’s below, along with streaming songs, a live APTBS video, and our “pedal porn” story on Ackermann’s Death By Audio business.

Chapterhouse has always been one of my favorite all-time bands. They were a big inspiration in terms of ideas and standards for recording, and in how they would put together contrasting parts and moods into one song. I especially love the sound of [their debut LP] Whirlpool. It’s such a psychedelic, timeless album—eight amazing songs, all done in such a cool way with a beautiful speeding roller coaster of sound and emotion.

to read more on Ackermann's interview, click here!

A Place to Bury Strangers will be playing with Chapterhouse, Ulrich Schnauss & Soundpool @ LPR on Monday October 4th. To purchase tickets, click here!

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