Wednesday, October 27, 2010

...this past Freedom Party: Surprise Guest

A quick note from Herbert Holler of the Freedom Party:

Last week at Freedom, a once-in-a-lifetime event took place. Lemme explain. We

were all rockin

--DJ Dave VJ from London, DJ Sickroc and DJ Unkle Chip from
Jersey (Elite Camp), DJ Cosi, and of course, DJ Me, to a packed room of almost
600 people. Suddenly, the light on the stage came on, and I saw Marc Smooth moving people and making room. And then some dude grabbed the mic and started talking, and I couldn't understand what was happening, except that I knew he was going to sing something, and I thought to myself, "oh no...who's this dude and what is he trying to sing right now? I hope he at least mastered the demo, and it's a short song so we can get him off the stage quickly..."

He handed a CD to Cosi.

Cosi pushed play.

Why did I start hearing the intro to "You Are in My System?"


Holy shite!!


He killed it!!!!

One of my favorite 80s tracks. LOVE THIS RECORD. Then I started to hear the
whistle sound intro and then the beat of "Don't Disturb This Groove," and...I almost lost it. People sang along, went ballistic, and I almost needed a box of tissues. Y'all
know almost ANY time I get a chance to play a slow song, I play that record. If I'm
not feeling "Always And Forever" at that mo

ment, I'm feeling "Don't Disturb This Groove."

It was a night I will never forget. Thank you Mick, and thanks Dave VJ and the London
massive, and thanks to DJ Jon Quick for bringing everyone through.

-Herbert Hollerer of The Freedom Party on to the next party

Join us @ LPR this Friday (the 29th) for Freedom Party's annual HALLOWEEN BASH! For more information CLICK HERE!

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