Friday, November 19, 2010

Watch: Promo video for the CALLERS CD Release show on Monday @ LPR!!

Also, enjoy a free download of "How You Hold Your Arms" from Callers' new album, Life of Love
(courtesy of Western Vinyl)

Life of Love is the first collection of songs Callers wrote and recorded exclusively in New York as a three-piece. Naturally the band's sound grew in volume in response to the volume of the city; however, they held on to what makes them so consistently affecting: their raw spartan style, anchored by Sara's sensually tough vocals, and Ryan and Don's Southern-honed chops as multi-instrumentalists.

Join us for Callers' CD Release show for Life of Love w/ Janka Nabay, People Get Ready and Raft @ LPR on Monday, November 22nd! To purchase tickets, click here!

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jason said...

I really dig everything about this venue. The music, the ambience, the food, the's just a unique place and one of my favorite musical venues.

I'm super excited about seeing Glenn Branca again here. Plz if you're going to these shows help back their project so that limited edition vinyl recordings of the live show can be pressed and enjoyed. Support great art and be apart of something really special!