Monday, February 28, 2011

"10 Bands to Fill the LCD Soundsystem-Shaped Hole in Your Heart" according to Flavorwire...

Heidi Vanderlee of Flavorpill has provided a list of some great acts who can most certainly fill the void for those of you who are feeling empty inside, due to the departure of LCD check out said list, click here!

The first artist on the list is definitely an act to get excited about, UK's Mount Kimbie, read below to see what Heidi had to say about them:

Those Brits have always known how to drive you dance-floor crazy better than most of us on this side of the pond, and London university pals Dominic Maker and Kai Campos are no exception. While we’re reluctant to throw around terms like “post-dubstep,” Mount Kimbie possess a self-awareness and sense of structure that separates them from the mindless, glowstick-waving masses. The beats are pristine, but the benevolent warmth threaded throughout songs like “Would Know” remind you that two humans are truly in charge of the chaos. Crooks & Lovers is out now on Hotflush.

So quit cryin' about James Murphy and try something different, Mount Kimbie will be performing at LPR with Jamie Woon, Muramic & Com Truise on Thursday, March 24th. To learn more, click here!

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