Friday, May 13, 2011

Check out this review on Lightning Bolt from Ear Drum Nyc

Favorite Providence noise rock duo Lightning Bolt jolted the crowd into an ecstatic epilepsy at Le Poisson Rouge on Thursday night with opening act Pterodactyl, making sounds that can only described as what Thor, God of Thunder, might make in the midst of a bad trip: hyper-rhythmic hammering, spectral moaning, and carnivorous screams. We thoroughly missed the gravitational pull of Lightning Bolt’s older performances when they would pop up guerilla-style within the crowd. Nonetheless, the interior of Le Poisson Rouge suited them with both singer and drummer Brian Chippendale and bassist Brian Gibson loosely mottled in neon colors and drenched in the venue’s subterranean glow.

Customary to their shows, Chippendale wore one of his many face masks (this one having the air of a vigilante hobo) that also housed his crude, vocal mic. As a drummer, he was unrelenting in the best sense possible, like an hour of torrential hail on a tin roof. The stoic-faced Gibson, meanwhile, poured on fuzzy beats and distortion as if it was his native tongue. Also, customary to their shows, they were loud, really, really loud. Did we mention they were loud?

-Cody Sullivan

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(photos by Eddy Vallante)

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