Friday, June 3, 2011

Stream Saadi, Janka Nabay, and Jogyo Live Tomorrow Night!

We are going to be streaming Saturday's Saadi, Janka Nabay, and Jogyo show live on at 7pm. If you're still looking for tickets you can get them here. You'll be able to watch the show in the player below starting at 7pm on Saturday, or you can go here for more streaming options.


RichardMitnick said...

I think this is great, that LPR is videocasting. I am sure that LPR would rather we be there in person. Also, I am sure that LPR realizes that even if we wish to see the videocast, we cannot necessarily be at the computer at the exact time.

So, LPR needs to develop an archive of videocasts.

NYPR has one for the GreeneSpace.

WBGO has actually has two archives of concerts from the Village Vanguard.

ICE, who recently presented a videocast from LPR, made that available through Q2.

Even NPR/music is doing more with long form video and then adding to an archive.

So, videocasting is here. I think it will be a paradigm shift in music on the internet.

I hoped that you will look into the possibility of an arch9ive and do many more videocasts of conerts in the future.

Anonymous said...

Came to see the show
paid 10 $
went downstairs & the place was empty
Than a band of 4 girls came on stage
WTF ????
I came to see african music