Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just Announced: CB-3 (Chris Berry Trio) w/ Steve Kimock , Michael Kang (of String Cheese Incident) and drum and bass from Grammy Nominated Brazilian


CB-3 (Chris Berry Trio)

CB-3's Sound is a mix of the modern and the ancient. Old rhythms from the motherland are played through heavy electronics and otherworldly effects. The electric Mbira developed by Chris Berry, is the only one of its kind and creates a unique and distinctive sound that characterizes CB-3's original sound. The result is a dubbed out very dancey version of CB-3's mother-band, Panjea.

Chris Berry's music got its start in the Ghettos of Zimbabwe where his platinum selling albums featured fusions of Funk, Dance Hall Reggae and African Rhythms. After losing most of his band to AIDS and Zimbabwe's brutal regime, Chris narrowly escaped Zimbabwe in 2000 and has kept his music alive with his band Panjea ever since. Chris left Africa with the honors of being the first non-Zimbabwean ever to be given the title of Gwenaymbira or 'one who's music summons the spirits.'

A Chat with Chris Berry and Panjea, High Sierra Music Festival

Steve Kimock
Steve Kimock will be hitting the road this spring with his new project Steve Kimock Crazy Engine. Exploring a new direction, Crazy Engine is a Steve Kimock project unlike any other. Pushing the boundaries of rock and roll, rhythm and blues, gospel and soul, the repertoire will include Kimock classics as well as an energized catalogue of covers and fresh material.

For nearly four decades Steve Kimock has earned a reputation as a guitarist with an enlightened approach to melodic improvisation and has captured audiences from around the globe with his tasteful guitar speak and brilliant tone. Labeled the “guitar monk” by Relix Magazine for his relentless pursuit of the art of guitar, Steve Kimock blends all of his influences, capturing the spirit of the music wherever he goes, while tuning into sounds from some unseen dimensions.

Michael Kang (of String Cheese Incident)

Michael Kang is a multi-instrumentalist for the popular jam band The String Cheese Incident. The mandolin is his primary instrument, although he plays violin on several songs, and guitar rarely. He is a key part of the band, providing both a melodic and rhythmic sound.

drum and bass from Grammy Nominated Brazilian Girls
Brazilian Girls’ music incorporates bits of reggae, electronica, jazz, bossa nova, and various other influences. Despite their name, no one in the band is Brazilian.

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