Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just Announced: Sharon Kenny


When Sharon Kenny entered the world, doctors would not allow her to stay in the nursery. The reason? Sharon was screaming so loudly that she was keeping all of the other babies awake. …This was an alarmingly accurate precursor to the rest of her life. On Christmas Day, 1990, Sharon’s little fingers (and feathered bangs) finally found their match: a 36-key Casio. (She was also given a microphone, which was immediately confiscated due to what her mother deemed “abuse of power”.) It was on that Casio that some of Sharon’s earliest hits, “Daddy” and “That’s Movin’ ” were born. In 1996, Sharon glided middle school, armed with piano printed T-shirts & an extra 75 pounds. Along with high school came an identity crisis, at which point Sharon traded in her XXL elastic waistband pants for a sequin-covered drill team outfit, and salad. Lots and lots of salad. With a past full of piano & drill team, Sharon took the obvious route and went to college for Musical Theatre! After four years of hard work, Sharon was hit with an epiphany: she’d rather be writing her own songs than performing those of others. Currently, Sharon lives in NYC and does just that. She’s also a piano slave (aka accompanist) to hundreds of actors in the Broadway community. She is the Musical Director of Off-Broadway’s “Tony n Tina’s Wedding”, is composer/lyricist for the award winning musical “Orange Alert”, and is half of the sparkling comedy duo “Mess Independent”. Her highly anticipated debut album, Pianocentric, is receiving critical acclaim, and creating quite a buzz among the indie music scene.

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