Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just Announced: Shattered Records Showcase Jay Reatard w/ Box Elders, Hunx, Nobunny and Useless Eaters


Jay Reatard
Memphis-based punk rock juggernaut Jay Reatard has adopted a fistful of musical approaches since he first began recording in his bedroom, writing and recording frantic punk, synth punk, power pop and straightforward rock & roll tunes at a frantic pace since releasing his debut EP in 1998. Reatard was born Jay Lindsey and dropped out of school when he was 15, owing to boredom with conventional education and a problematic home life. Lindsey became interested in rock & roll when he heard Nirvana via MTV, and in his mid-teens he began writing songs. After seeing Memphis punk blues legends the Oblivians open for Rocket from the Crypt, Lindsey was inspired to try something similar and created the Reatards, which initially was just Lindsey, who sang, played guitar, and beat on a bucket with a stick for the benefit of his four-track cassette machine.

Jay Reatard - "It Ain't Gonna Save Me"

Box Elders
Box Elders started as the Friday night goof off sessions of brothers Clayton and Jeremiah McIntyre. Naming themselves after the bugs that infested the house they grew up in, they began playing impromptu shows around Omaha. Drummer and organist Dave Goldberg saw them play a free show in a park and was convinced to join. The brothers suggested that Goldberg learn to play both instruments simultaneously instead of adding a fourth member. It took some practice.

In January 2008 they released a 7” on Grotto Records and spent several months of the year touring the USA. The record's off-kilter fuzzy pop caught the attention of Memphis’s Goner Records and earned them an invite to the label's annual festival. Offering to release their next record Box Elders began working on their debut album. “Alice and Friends”--named after the band's favorite cult run vegan Korean BBQ-- will be released by Goner on August 4th, 2009.

A visual cross between the leather bondage movie “Cruising” and the raunchy retro-fuelled imagery of early John Waters movies like “Desperate Living,” San Francisco’s Hunx and his Punx (one of whom is Justin “Nobunny” & another of former Gravy Train!!!!) have injected humor, imagination and fun into their prodigious multimedia output, which includes records and videos.

Hunx’s bouncy pop sound is equally cool, melding ‘60s-based bubblegum pop sensibilities with DIY garage prowess for a sticky-sweet aural assault. Starting with his “Good Kisser” single on Austria’s Bachelor Records, Hunx has moved forward with lightning speed and now has three other singles in the offing.

One of the many personalities of Okmoniks drummer and Sneaky Pinks founder Justin Champlin, Nobunny (with and without the Fabulous Flys) is a tucson-founded, oakland-based, bunny-faced act specializing in 60s-style garage rock and pop.

Useless Eaters
Useless Eaters is Seth: guitar, bass, drums, assorted borrowed instruments, stolen tascam portastudio... live band: Clay Mignon on Bass. Bevan Williams on drums.


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