Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The New York Times on Louis Andriessen at LPR

This past Sunday, LPR hosted a performance of the music of Dutch composer Louis Andriessen. ACME and pianist Eric Huebner performed several of Andriessen's pieces, including his score for the Peter Greenaway film, "M is for, Music, Mozart." From the New York Times review-

Mr. Andriessen was on hand for an amusing interview with Robert Hurwitz, the president of Nonesuch Records, and the club was packed.

Mr. Huebner took the first half of the program to present a concise overview of Mr. Andriessen’s piano music. “Image de Moreau — Toccata (1999)” touches on his fascination with and personal reconfiguration of Minimalist techniques. It begins with a purely Reichian move: repeated, rhythmically steady chords. But Mr. Andriessen’s accent emerges quickly as the chord progression takes unexpected turns, the harmonies grow increasingly dense, and a singing, attractively chromatic melody is spun out over this thorny backdrop.

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