Monday, April 19, 2010

The Portland Press Herald on Metropolis Ensemble

The Portland Press Herald did an extensive feature on Andrew Cyr, the director of Metropolis Ensemble.

The Metropolis Ensemble is a professional chamber orchestra based in New York City. Cyr, 36, founded it four years ago as a vehicle for talented emerging composers and performers. Many, like Andres, are recent graduates of music conservatories eager to make their way in the world of classical music.

They are accustomed to running into roadblocks and rejections. But Cyr offers them a green light to proceed.

For performers, the Metropolis provides an opportunity to live and perform in New York while building a resume and honing skills that will make them appealing to larger orchestras when they get older.

For composers, it gives them the chance to write music that will be performed for an audience eager to hear it. In four years, the Metropolis Ensemble has commissioned 30 pieces of new music, resulting in money in the pockets of the composers who wrote it and the musicians who performed it.

"The opportunity that Andrew has created is the most important thing a composer can have," says [Timothy] Andres, 24. "You can write the best music, and that's all well and good. But if no one can hear it, what's the point?"

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Metropolis Ensemble
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