Thursday, June 3, 2010

The A.V. Club Interviews Reggie Watts

The Onion's A.V. Club caught up with Reggie Watts on his recent tour with Conan O'Brian. Among many other things, they discussed the improvisational nature of his performances. Watt's on listening to the audience:

An improv artist’s best instrument is their ability keep their antennae clean so they’re able to receive what I call the connection to creativity. It’s the thing that you see in any amazing moment that any human being is performing. Whether it’s watching Michael Jordan navigating through all these attackers and then suddenly rising up and putting the ball in the most amazing way, or watching an actor on stage playing Shakespeare, but not thinking about the actor anymore or the stage or you or the chair, any of these kinds of moments of transcendence. It’s the performer connecting to this chaotic, creative force: listening to it, shaping it, exuding it from stage, and then the audience hearing that, feeling that and giving it back. Forming a kind of creative ecosystem.

Read the rest of the interview over here.

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