Thursday, June 3, 2010

Listen: Stars, "Dead Hearts"

Stars' "Dead Hearts" opens with Torquil Campbell quizzing Amy Millan about her encounter with forces from another dimension: "Tell me everything that happened / Tell me everything you saw," he pleads, prompting her to matter-of-factly reply, "They had lights inside their eyes." For a band that's spent the past decade or so examining the minutiae of interpersonal conflict, this particular exchange treads on unfamiliar ground. Campbell and Millan are far more likely to trade verses about doomed romance than they are about tortured ghosts, while the emotionally expressive Millan is typically nowhere near as cryptic as she sounds here.

Head over to NPR
to listen to the track.

Stars are playing a sold out show at LPR this Saturday. Check back next week for pictures and reviews!

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