Friday, June 18, 2010

Listen: David Karsten Daniels and Fight The Big Bull, I Mean To Live Here Still

Singer-Songwriter David Karsten Daniels and nine-piece post-jazz band Fight The Big Bull recently collaborated on an album based on the poetry of Henry David Thoreau.

...Daniels, White and the band mixed and matched sounds to the point where genre became irrelevant. Their twangy ballads segue to polyphonic New Orleans jazz ("Though All the Fates"), songs that build from a beautiful chorale to roots-rock and then an improv jam filled with woody percussion ("October Airs" and "On Fields"), slow burns where a single mantra builds, achingly, over the course of eight minutes ("Each Summer Sound"). There are rock beats, swirling flute, "Penny Lane" trumpet, atonal free-jazz solos, jump cuts which explode into colors — all of which serve well-constructed pop songs ("The Funeral Bell," "Die and Be Buried" and so on).

You can stream the whole album right now over at NPR.

David Karsten Daniels performs with Fight the Big Bull at LPR on July 12th. Get tickets here.

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