Thursday, June 17, 2010

Upcoming CareFusion Jazz Festival Shows at LPR

This year LPR is hosting two CareFusion Jazz Festival events. You can learn more about the shows below, and head over here to find out more about CareFusion!

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Formed in Chicago in 1990, Tortoise is often considered one of the most influential post-rock bands of the last two decades. Unlike many of their indie-rock contemporaries in the mid-‘90s, they favored Krautrock, dub, jazz, and minimalism over more traditional rock and punk influences. Also notable was their choice of instrumentation, which often included two bassists and three percussionists switching between drums, vibraphones, and marimbas. They released Beacons of Ancestorship, their first album in five years, in June of 2009. Check out the music video for “Prepare Your Coffin,” one of the tracks off of that album, below.

Click here to get tickets for their show on June 23rd with Aethereal Bace and DJ Nick Hook.

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Since its inception, Revive Da Live’s mission has been grounded in the exposure and education of jazz music among larger, younger audiences and the influence of hip-hop on jazz music today.

On June 24, the series continues at (le) poisson rouge as part of the Care-Fusion Jazz Festival, with Brooklyn rapper Talib Kweli joining New Orleans trumpeter Nicholas Payton and an 18-piece big band featuring some of the city's most electrifying young lions of jazz, not to mention the jazz-oriented dance crew Tap Messengers. "Collaborations like this are what's natural—they make perfect sense to the true musician and the true fan," Kweli notes in an e-mail. "I consider myself both." An aficionado of seminal jazz singer Nina Simone, the always-polemical raconteur's recently released Revolutions Per Minute reveals his jazz roots on several tracks produced by frequent collaborator Hi-Tek. "If Miles Davis was alive, he'd be a gangsta rapper," Kweli declares. "Different generations are influenced by different things and use different instruments, but the passion and the sentiment are the same."

Read more over at The Village Voice.

Check out the below video of Revive De Live Big band performing Dizzy Gillespie's version of "A Night in Tunisia" and Gangstarr's "Words I Manifest" the last time they were at LPR.

Click here to get tickets to the show.

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