Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New York Magazine Profiles Reggie Watts

New York Magazine recently did a feature on comedian and musician Reggie Watts, who's just finishing up a tour with Conan O'Brian. On seeing Watts perform at MoMA:

He spoke, haltingly, about polycarbonates and the landfill system, cited fake authorities (“French and Saunders once said … ”), referred to the MoMA as the Whitney, and snuck in, out of nowhere, a near-perfect impression of Bill Cosby. Occasionally, with a straight face, he’d substitute a bizarre series of noises for a word, or his voice would cut in and out while his mouth kept moving, so it looked like the microphone was malfunctioning. It was like a seminar on public speaking gone wrong. Soon the crowd had fully acclimated, and Watts was officially killing.

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Reggie Watts performs at LPR on July 1st. Get tickets here.

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