Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The New York Times on the Keys to the Future Festival

The Keys to the Future Festival took place at LPR last week, and The New York Times came by to review Thursday night's show.

Eclecticism has now overshadowed any particular compositional dogma, though to some degree crossover has long been established. Composers have mixed and matched for centuries, recycling themes and styles from earlier periods and incorporating folk tunes and popular idioms into their scores.

During the innovative Keys to the Future — a festival of solo contemporary piano music organized by the pianist and composer Joseph Rubenstein — 10 pianists highlighted a range of styles in works by 19 composers. On Thursday night, the last of three concerts in this celebration of eclecticism at Le Poisson Rouge featured mostly conservative works that recalled traditions and incorporated popular styles.

Thanks to everyone who attended! You can read the rest of the review over here.

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