Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Upcoming INDIE shows at LPR!

Check out some of the indie artists, coming to LPR soon!

The Relatives and Capillary Action
File Under: indie rock, lo-fi,pop

The Relatives were unwittingly founded in New York City in November, 2007 by Gabriel Gall, Katie Vogel and Ian Davis. The three practically bumped into each other as they were stepping off the boat. They were coming to New York to begin their college educations – Gabriel and Ian pursuing degrees in classical composition and Katie pursuing one in music and philosophy. With pursuit heavy in their hearts and music and sweet things heavy in their minds, the three decided to spend some time shut off in a room together playing music. For some reason or another the first couple of notes to come out of the three youngsters mouths and hands were simultaneously of a folksy nature.

Capillary Action: Spread across Philadelphia, Chicago, Minneapolis, and San Francisco, Capillary Action are an all-acoustic quintet that cannibalize and synthesize the sharp-angled ferocity of DC hardcore, the melancholy of Brazilian Tropicalia, the bitonal harmonic language of Charles Ives, the swagger of UK grime, the aleatoric strategies of free jazz, and its own confrontational philosophy of self-loathing, self-improvement, S&M, and urban dread into a cubist take on classic pop structures.

The Relatives and Capillary Action will be performing with the Landlady @ LPR on Saturday, September 11th! To purchase tickets, click here!


Jim Jones Revue
File Under: soul, rock, indie

Savage and soul-drenched rock & roll from London. Jim Jones stirs up his disciples like a diabolical preacher, while his stage antics add fuel to the fire. His electrifying band, including a bastard son of The Killer, invokes the filthy swing.

Catch the Jim Jones Revue @ LPR w/ the TV Tramps and the Golden Triangle on Tuesday, September 14th. To purchase tickets, click here.


Holy Fuck
File Under: experimental, noise, indie, electronic

If opposites really do attract, it makes perfect sense that Holy Fuck would chose a barn in rural Ontario to record a series of dynamic electro-noise pop that compose their latest full-length release, titled Latin.

Where Holy Fuck in the past were a rotating cast of musicians, Latin showcases for the first time their consistent touring line up. Drummer Matt Schulz and bass player Matt McQuaid provide a complex rhythm foundation that at times feels like an invisible hand leading you through a dark hedge maze. Perhaps an excessive feat for most, but this provides the ideal underpinning as Brian Borcherdt and Graham Walsh merge a twin effects/feedback tangle that is equal parts entrancing and inspiring.

Check out Holy Fuck w/ Twin Shadow and Indian Jewelry @ LPR on Saturday, September 18th. To purchase tickets, click here!


Mice Parade
File Under: indie, shoegaze

Mice Parade was originally the solo project of New Yorker Adam Pierce, who has also played in Swirlies, The Dylan Group, HiM, múm, and Philistines Jr.

From its outset, Mice Parade showed a boldly inventive, highly individual take on post-rock / electronica. Following 1998's Bubble Core album, True Meaning of Boodleybaye, their first FatCat album, Ramda (‘99), forged a distinctive, immersive audio space of piled-up percussion and atmospheric, hook-laden melodics.

Check out Mice Parade w/ Les Shelleys and a Múm(DJ SET) on Saturday, September 25th. To purchase tickets, click here!


Xiu Xiu

File under: ambient, minimalist, experimental

Xiu Xiu is an experimental art rock band originally from San Jose, California. The band is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Jamie Stewart, who has been its only constant member since its inception. His current bandmates are Angela Seo and percussionist Ches Smith. The band's name is taken from the 1998 Chinese film Xiu Xiu: The Sent Down Girl.

Xiu Xiu's music draws heavily from several disparate genres including post-punk, '80s synthpop, noise, ambient, techno, asian percussive music, modern classical, and folk. Musically, the band often blends cacophonous percussion and experimental structures with lush hooks and diverging lyrical styles.

Xiu Xiu is playing with Merzbow, Ecstatic Sunshine and Gentle @ LPR on Sunday, September 26th! To purchase tickets, click here!

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